Fell From the Tree

Blackberry Considering iOS and Android

John Chen, Blackberry’s interim CEO:

I would love to find a way to make our BlackBerry experience [available] on Android and iOS. It’s not without difficulties, as you all know, but it’s something that we are very interested in trying.

I’m not entirely sure this is what is going to save Blackberry, though at this point they may be beyond saving. Historically, they’ve made a large chunk of their revenue from device sales. Their problem today is simple: the devices they’re good at making, no one wants to buy and the devices consumers want to buy, they’re not good at making.

Every company needs a reason to exist – it needs to add some value. Blackberry1 began as a company that excelled in secure mobile messaging and leveraged that to become a major player in the first wave of smartphones. But the company was caught sitting on its hands when the iPhone changed what it meant to be a smartphone. Ever since, Blackberry has been grasping for ways to provide value to customers. If it can’t find one soon, it won’t be around much longer.

  1. Née RIM