Fell From the Tree

Apple History, a Light Reading

Aside from Apple’s new Mac retrospective, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few great resources for some perspective as to where the Mac has been and where it’s going. So here are two links to get you started down your path of discovery:

  • Folklore.org: Curated by the infamous Andy Hertzfeld, this site has anecdotes and short stories about the early days of the Macintosh, mostly involving the team that actually built it. There’s some great stuff in here
  • John Siracusa writing at Ars Technica: For a bit more modern look on the Mac during the OS X era, it’s definitely worth reading all1 of John’s OS X reviews. It does a great job of giving the OS, now over thirteen years old, a narrative.

There are definitely other resources, but these two should keep you busy for a while.


  1. Yes, all. It may cumulatively be longer than War & Peace, but it’s some of the best stuff you’ll ever read on the internet.