Fell From the Tree

Apple’s Original iPhone Page

If you’ve been feeling nostalgic these last few days with all the original iPhone talk, you’ll love this trip down memory lane with the Web Archive.

I remember randomly going back to Apple.com1 between MacWorld and WWDC in 2007 wishing I could get my hands on one of these. The little things we all take for granted today — the accelerometer, the proximity sensor, the predictive keyboard — were tremendous breakthroughs at the time, and were all brought together in this one amazing device.

Now that we’re all so used to the iPhone and the smartphones that succeeded it, it’s difficult to recapture the excitement we all felt when we saw this stuff for the first time. But if you take a look at the “simple” things Apple is highlighting here, you realize just how far we’ve truly come in the last seven years.


  1. Remember those tabs?