Fell From the Tree

Happy 7th Birthday, iPhone

Seven years ago today, Steve Jobs walked out on stage at Macworld to introduce a device that would go on to change the world. During what would be one of the best and most energetic presentations he ever gave, he shocked the world by debuting the long-rumored iPhone. You can watch the presentation in its entirety below.



I still remember the first time I watched that video, in awe of how incredible it all seemed. And to think, behind the scenes, the prototype Steve was showing off barely worked! Apple was betting the company on this phone. It paid off.

In the seven years that followed Apple released seven more iPhone models, becoming the world’s most valuable company along the way. But nothing, not even the introduction of the iPad, shocked the world the way the iPhone did that day. The moment we saw it, everyone knew something special had just happened. It’s one of those moments that seems so long ago, yet seems like it was only yesterday.

But in the meantime, all of our lives have been changed.